Wiring Speakers In House

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Wiring Speakers In House - strip 3 8 in of insulation from each speaker wire twist the strands together and push each wire into the speaker hook ups red to positive and black to negative tighten the screws plug the block into the keypad and mount the keypad in the wall box whole house audio systems are a big deal and they are certainly one of the more exciting aspects of thinking about the functionality and use of your home during the pre construction phase wiring your audio correctly and with a mid on the future possibilities is a big part of that consideration the distance from the audio lifier to the anticipated speaker location is a major factor in deciding which in wall wire is the right one for the installation every foot of speaker wire adds a bit more resistance capacitance and inductance to the performance equation support the wire within 1 foot of a j box or p ring at each bracket j box or p ring dress at.
least 2 feet of wire leaving it looped just inside the drywall will cover up your wire so photograph or measure the location so that you can find the wire after the drywall is up whole house audio systems also known as multi room or multi zone have be e increasingly popular over the years with a little bit of planning and an open weekend to start and finish the project you can have full control over how music plays throughout the entire home for a practical discussion on how to wire just 2 speakers to an lifier 4 speakers to a stereo see my article on how to connect 2 speakers to 1 lifier if you need to wire more than four speakers particularly in a mercial installation see the article on distributed speaker systems wiring speakers in parallel is simple connect the terminal on the to the terminal on each speaker then do the same for the terminals an ex le of this is shown below for two.
4 ohm speakers the total impedance would be 2 ohms to find the total impedance of speakers in parallel use the formula below series speaker wiring however increasing the resistance to more than 4 ohms of speaker resistance by adding speakers in series will split the lified audio output from the lifier across all the speakers in the circuit the formular for series wiring is z z1 z2 z3

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