Colon Diagram

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Colon Diagram - the sigmoid colon is a short curving of the colon just before the rectum the colon removes water salt and some nutrients forming stool muscles line the colon s walls squeezing its contents along billions of bacteria coat the colon and its contents living in a healthy balance with the body descending colon the colon is part of the large intestine the final part of the digestive system its function is to reabsorb fluids and process waste products from the body and prepare for its elimination the colon consists of four parts descending colon ascending colon transverse colon and picture of colon colon the long coiled tubelike organ that removes water from digested food the remaining material solid waste called stool moves through the colon to the rectum and leaves the body through the anus also known as large bowel and large intestine image source medicine inc text medterms medical dictionary.
by medicine inc the colon large intestine one is a bend at the rectum which is released only when a person squats the other bend is the kink where the sigmoid colon joins to the rectum to release this kink the sigmoid colon must be lifted up this can only be achieved by the left thigh in the squatting position matej g is a health blogger focusing on health beauty lifestyle and fitness topics he has been with healthiack since 2012 and has written and reviewed well over 500 coherent articles the sigmoid colon is the lower section of your large intestine and connects the descending colon to your rectum also called the pelvic colon its name es from its s shape 2 the sigmoid colon performs the same function as other sections of your colon in that it

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