4 Pin Hei Wiring

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4 Pin Hei Wiring - buy pertronix d2000 flame thrower hei gm 4 pin module distributors amazon free delivery possible on eligible purchases the 7 pin hei module with a gm hei 7 pin and 8 pin modules the ignition module wires you need to know about are tach signal is a purple wire with a white trace pin r goes to seal optoin pin 30 ground the seal optoin pin 31 at the distributor advance control signal is a white wire pin e goes to seal pin 12 override cranking signal is a tan wire with a black trace dromedary 4 pin hei distributor ignition control module icm icu fsu for gmc chevy fiat cadillac lx301 general motors hei ignition control with megasquirt ii there were a number of different kinds of general motors hei modules 4 pin module electronic ignition but doesn t do puter timing control top left 7 pin module large electronic module that does timing control used with coil in cap distributors top right 7 pin.
module small electronic module that does timing control hei conversions finding an hei distributor there are a couple of choices here new or used in addition here are a few things to note 75 to 79 75 to 85 canadian used 4 pin modules when gm designed the high energy ignition hei engineers bined the electronic module with a pletely new design coil called an e core or laminated core coil choose from a huge selection of wiring connectors and pigtails including quick connect designs waterproof connectors deutsch connectors and much more injector and power wiring your microsquirt 174 controller requires a 12v power source normally the vehicle s battery alternator system the main supply for your microsquirt 174 controller is through seal connector pin 1 red wire notes for the pressure control pc solenoid you need a minimum 4 7 ohm or higher resistance up to 10 ohms 10 watt or more resistor.
such as digi key 4 7cwbk nd 1 67 on the pressure control solenoid wire from the trans connector pin d to the gpio board s pin 33 this resistor dissipates up to 4 watts of power at low line pressures maximum pwm percentages

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